Last Waltz raw and unedited

Here’s a Thanksgiving treat guaranteed not to make you sleepy – raw footage of the Band’s legendary dinner party concert captured November 25, 1976, at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, CA. Much of the material is familiar to anyone who has seen The Last Waltz, which Martin Scorsese culled from it. A reference to this material poppped up in my FB feed on Thanksgiving (2014), leading to 3 videos posted to YouTube by Ethan Davis.

Is something this wonderful likely to remain freely available? Beats me, so I copied it. Next summer, there’s gonna be a Last Waltz beach party, maybe a Last Waltz picnic at Tanglewood, or somewhere along the Appalachian Trail!

  • Part 2;
  • Part 3;

Bob Dylan photos Newport Folk Festival 2002

Bob Dylan Newport Folk Festival 2002We scored press credentials for the 2002 Newport Folk Festival, which featured Bob Dylan in concert there for the first time since 1965, when he “went electric,” and blew their minds! As you may know, Mr. Dylan is less enamored of the press than other musicians, so before his set started, the press area was cleared and we were warned that anyone shooting photographs would have his camera confiscated. That was made clear diruing the credentialing process and we had to agree to such terms before gaining entry to the festival.

Bob Dylan Newport Folk Festival 2002We were happy to oblige, but once we saw the AP photographer snapping away with his expensive digital SLR, we decided to risk it with our 20 year old Minolta. As these photos illustrate, we had neither the correct lens not optimal position, nor expertise for the job. But they remain cool souvenirs of a truly memorable event. We post these Bob Dylan photos from the Newport Folk Festival 2002 more for archival purposes than artistic ones. Here’s our review: Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival, Aug. 3, 2002.

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Bob Dylan at Newport Folk Festival 2002Bob Dylan made his first appearance in the Berkshires in 1963 when he was Joan Baez unnanounced guest at her Music Barn concert that was held at the Pittsfield Boys Club. Twelve years later, he and Joan were back in the Berkshires along with the Rolling Thunder Revue. After a pair of concerts at the Springfield Civic Center, they all came to Mama Frasca’s Dream Away Lodge in Becket, at the behest of Berkshires resident Arlo Guthrie, for a little rest and relaxation before resuming the tour in Vermont.

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Bob dylan has been well-represented on the Internet pretty much from the mid-90s, by these pioneers: